Conscious Chocolate

Today there have been two highlights.  And this is despite being at a conference all about interprofessional working (don’t get me wrong; I think it’s important, especially when providing top quality patient care, however I’d prefer not to have a two-day conference all about it).  But that’s ok because the first highlight occurred at 6:30 this morning when…

… I finally discovered how to enjoy coffee with soy milk without the soy milk curdling!  I know you probably think that I’m WAY behind on the times but honestly I’ve been trying every trick in the book and googling the topic to death.  So what changed?  I read somewhere that if you add a tiny bit of bicarbonate of soda to the coffee (after you’ve made it up with hot water and before adding the milk), give it a good stir, then add the soy milk and voila!  (See below for evidence).  Apparently the alkalinity of the bicarb neutralises the acid in the coffee that causes the soy milk to curdle.  Now my mornings start with a lovely cup of coffee; black coffee in the morning is far too strong for my constitution.

Then this evening highlight number 2 occurred: I finally tried each of the six (yes, six) bars of raw chocolate that the generous vegan and vegetarian society approved company, Conscious sent me.  They state on their site that,

“To create delicious dark chocolate has always been the vision of Conscious Chocolate. Our range is as healthy as it is luxurious. Our mandate is that everyone, regardless of dietary requirements, can enjoy the variety of chocolate we make.”

Happy times!

These chocolate bars are handmade and with the best quality ingredients.  I love how the packaging is simply designed and that the chocolate is in biodegradeable wrapping rather than foil or plastic.  But what about the taste?  Each bar is decadently rich and creamy, and complemented by it’s own additional flavour.  My personal favourite is the Essential Orange one.  The texture of each bar resembles chocolate truffles rather than your standard chocolate bar but this adds to the pleasure.  Remember a certain choclate bar advert with a woman in a bubble bath enjoying a bar of velvetty chocolate by a well known brand (the one that isn’t Cadbury’s)?  Well, these chocolate bars are at least a few steps ahead of the game.  Not only are they smoother than this well known brand (which I think has a different name in the US) but they are infinitely better for your health, the environment, and the welfare of animals.  Remind me why I’m only now buying them???  So where can you buy these beauties from?  They are available at most of local health food stores, online health food sites (such as Goodness Direct and Funky Raw), as well as directly from the Conscious website.  Whilst these are a little pricey, when it comes to treats not only tasting good but being good for you, personally, I’m happy to pay the extra.  So far I have tried Essential Orange, The Nutty One, Mint Hint, Berry Christmas, Plain, and Goji & Coconut (which is amazing!).  There are 8 other flavours that I’m yet to try; bring it on.

Are you sold?  What other makes of raw chocolate have you tried, and what were they like?

4 thoughts on “Conscious Chocolate

  1. I have never even heard of that brand, great info!
    I have tried Treo and a few other random chocolate brands, but they are not raw per se, endangered species, equal exchange, just fair trade, organic. Awesome info!


  2. Ilove your review on the different bars of conscious raw chocs,oh which one shall I try first,they all sound yummy and I like the fact they are truffle type texture too,the goji & coconut maybe,I noticed the conscious site were the cheapest by 90p per bar,like the mulu ones they are quite small for the price but then I think my two bars have lasted weeks,I really have a square as a treat:) Oh I laughed so much this morning,after reading your without soya milk crdling,I thought what is she going on about it doesn’t if you put the milk in first,lol!!! yep that’s right I obviously don’t drink much coffee or maybe not notice,so rushed down this morning made a coffee and yuk:( yep you were right and why should I have ever doubted you:) so I had made a second cup but didn’t put the bicarb in before adding milk and I think I added too much omg I could not drink it!!!!How much did you add? Thank you so much for the tip:) I must admit I have never really enjoyed soya milk but have found the brand I like and now have it with Earl Grey,lovely:) I’m off now to get a couple of yummy bars xx


  3. Haha, that’s so funny. I only use about 1/6th of tsp of bicarb, I’m trying to see how little I can get away with using each morning… 🙂 enjoy the conscious bars; they do last a while so def worth the money xxx


  4. Hi Sarah, thanks for popping by my blog, I’ve now looked around here and I love it! As you said it’s great to find another UK raw(ish) food blogger.

    Conscious raw choc is my absolute favourite, I never used like chocolate but since I tried their Goji and Coconut, I keep buying it, having one square at a time. I’m yet to try most of their flavours, but your blog just gave me cravings so I better pop by Planer Organic tomorrow.


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